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Research at SocialGenomics

SocialGenomics partners with pharma and biotech companies to accelerate treatments through genomics research.
Our mission is to help passionate researchers
and patients whose lives are at stake to:

  • Accelerate treatments
  • Improve access to existing therapies
  • Bring treatments faster to market.

We handle the hard parts of building a social network with advanced AI to reach out to patients


Using the network effect our platform offers you a tool to easily search, recruit research participants and stay in contact with them.


We work with motivated patients who want to help scientists. The network digitizes the informed consent procedures which saves you time and money.


We retrieve and sequence a wide variety of data-points and samples. Using AI we offer you advanced insights into global demographics, treatments, disease progression and outcomes.

Sponsored Genomic Research

Accelerate treatments

With SocialGenomics, researchers can sponsor the sequencing of patients or healthy individuals. Study participants receive their raw genetic data and a report at no cost. After informed consent the study sponsor receives access to genomic data and can use it for research purposes. Through our platform researchers are able to collaborate with patients or groups of patients in real-time.

Recruiting patients

We help you find patients

After hard work and spending billions you have developed a treatment for patients with a specific genetic mutation. Ideally you want to reach out to patients all around the world as soon as the treatment has been launched. A difficult process as you don’t have direct contact with patients. We are here to help!

Receive input from patients around the world

Ask the experts

Many minds know more than one. Imagine you could collaborate with patients from all corners of the world and receive real-time and longitudinal feedback from them? SocialGenomics is offering you one global platform using the power of social networks and advanced AI to reach out, communicate, share news, updates within seconds!

Cultivating a Community of Partners

We believe that accelerating the journey to find new personalised cures and targeted gene therapies requires the entire industry to work together. Collaborate with us to transform lives of patients whose lives are at stake by accelerating access to treatments.

Sandoz sees the future of healthcare as being driven by two closely related factors: the digital revolution and the need for strong collaboration between healthcare companies and external partners.
We felt passionate about SocialGenomics and the people behind them, and so we are excited to offer support and prize funding to help them bring this solution to patients!

Carol Lynch
President Sandoz Inc

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Getting started with SocialGenomics

Enhance your drug discovery process and time to market with a cost-effective collaboration using our next generation AI platform.

Request research project focussed on patients with specific genetic mutations.

Using SocialGenomics patients can apply for your research with just one click

Sponsor Sequencing for your selected study participants. They receive their genetic reports and you the consented access to their data for your research.

Re-engage with people over time using the SocialGenomics platform.

Endorsed by passionate scientists