Thinking Different.

History of SocialGenomics

Since 2018, SocialGenomics MOONSHOT is the leading startup working on leading the fundamental change in access to lifesaving information for everyone.

Our work is acknowledged as TOP 3 most impactful initiatives in the Netherlands by the government of Den Hague as part of the One Young World Summit, 2019 Access to Healthcare Award by Sandoz/Novartis at SXSW (USA) and young gamechanger by NASA iTECH.
Since then we have grown our community with dedicated patients, doctors and scientist and global outreach significantly.

Although SocialGenomics has a long way to go to realise the final goal of building a future with access to lifesaving information for everyone, we are working hard on developing industry-changing technology that brings us closer to a better, safer, more sustainable world.

Why SocialGenomics?

We believe that every person deserves access to treatments, medicines and lifesaving information they need.

To make this possible, SocialGenomics is building the world’s most inclusive Next Generation AI platform that connects people to other people like them and passionate scientists to accelerate treatments based on their genomic and pathological data.


The mission of SocialGenomics is to save millions of lives by accelerating treatments through through genomics research. Our ultimate goal is to transform the lives of millions of people by creating a world where every man, woman, and child can access the treatments they require.

“For me the visionary, exciting potential of SocialGenomics is that it may come in time to save my life and if not mine, certainly other people predisposed to breast and ovarian cancer. Rather than my BRCA1 status feeling like a death sentence, the potential is we can really find solutions much faster that will benefit me and many many people like me.”

– Melanie Roche,
Cancer Survivor

SocialGenomics has a huge impact on society

“I believe SocialGenomics has a huge impact on society and our economy. We need to use data and smart new ways to reduce the cost of developing new medicines and treatments, while at the same time reducing the burden for patients, their families and their professional lives.”

– Erik Gerritsen,
Secretary General Ministry of Health,
The Netherlands