We are a team with a shared goal: to accelerate medical breakthroughs and accelerate treatments to patients

We are determined, thinking different and unstoppable.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Susanne Baars MSc., MA.

Being born in a medical family specialized in genetics I experienced first hand that there is more information about genomics to save lives. I became a genomics scientist at Harvard aiming to find a cure for one of the worlds most deadliest diseases. Until I realized that by using the technology we can accelerate medical innovation to find thousands of new cures and use the power of millions of motivated people to help each other to find cures faster. Being fascinated by this vision, I decided to start building it!  

I spent the last decade in the healthcare sector. My wisdom is anchored in a broad education in biomedical sciences, Genomics, Neuroscience & Cognition, Philosophy and Public Health Ethics and entrepreneurship. Being a visionary to the core, I have unique experiences within the healthcare sector worldwide. Previously I worked as a scientist at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, research intern at the Global Health & Ethics department of the World Health Organization (Geneva) and Peking University. Based on my outstanding contribution to society I have already received multiple prestigious awards, e.g. I’m appointed One Young World ambassadorship in Den Hague, received the global 2019 Access to Healthcare Award by Sandoz, SXSW, Austin (USA), acknowledged by NASA as young game-changer (USA), featured at multiple international TEDx, named TOP50 most influential Dutch Woman in Tech. My work is supported by global leaders from various sectors.

Listen to my lifework story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFv1svnd4wo

Technology Lead

Santosh Manivannan

I was born with Severe Hemophilia B, which is a rare bleeding disorder. I couldn’t live a normal life because of this and my childhood was filled with pain and visits to the hospital. I couldn’t play outside with my friends so I chose to sit on the computer and start learning about it. This helped me learn software development which I intend to use to help people find cures to their problems. I think that rare diseases are curable with proper research.

Patient advocate

Melanie Roche

Hi, my name is Melanie Roche and I survived cancer 4 times now. I was diagnosed with the deadliest form of Fallopian tube cancer caused by the BRAC1 mutation. I was desperate to find other people. Searching on Google I couldn’t find any long term survivors, nor any specific information for my case and that was terrifying. Now, many years later I joined this community as an ‘expert’ to connect with other people like you and scientists from all over the world to help others and accelerate treatments.

•As patient expert I’m closely involved in the building process. Sharing my experiences as a patient and my needs and desires as a patient. 

•Holistic medicine practitioner 

•10+y Non-profit experience

Life at SocialGenomics


Our generous sponsors support SocialGenomics mission by providing legal and financial advice and operational funding as well as contributing mentorship and industry knowledge.


Witlox Van den Boomen

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Province Utrecht

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Acknowledgements & Awards


Austin, Texas, March 10, 2019 – Sandoz, a Novartis division, announced SocialGenomics as winners of the 2019 Sandoz Healthcare Access Challenge (HACk). Chosen from over 400 ideas across 80 countries, who will now receive EUR 20,000 each in funding to bring their ideas to life


Austin, Texas, March 2019 – NASA iTECH acknowledged SocialGenomics at South by South West (SXSW) as young game-changer working on shaping our future.

One Young World

Den Hague, October 2018 – the government of Den Hague has chosen our founder Susanne Baars as TOP3 Dutch game changers working on the most impactful solutions to shape our future – providing a scholarship to attend the Global Summit.

Nominee Prix Galien MedTech Award

The Prix Galien Awards, is considered the industry’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, the highest accolade for biomedical research and innovation. Each year our distinguished Awards Committee, selects among many candidates the best products competing in three categories – Best Pharmaceutical Agent, Best Biotechnology Product and Best Medical Technology.


Amsterdam, July 2019 – The Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award is for entrepreneurs that dare to bring their innovations forward and mean something valuable to society. They show the world feasible and profitable innovations that are in the final stages of development, with societal impact and to ultimately create a better world. It is for entrepreneurs who want to grow and contribute to the improvement of society.

Inspiring Fifty

On the 7th of May, Inspiring Fifty Netherlands announced the 50 technology trailblazers, innovators and executives that are shifting perceptions of what women can and do achieve in this sector.