What you know can save a life

Just think about it

Who do you know in your environment fighting for a terrible disease? Stand up for the people you love, friends, neighbours, a teenager in your village or people at the other side of the world. You can help us to save millions of lives.

Your support matters

We are searching for passionate supporters and angel investors who don’t shy away from disrupting an entire industry. To leave a legacy to the world and all generations to come. Globally there are more than 10.000 rare diseases, with new ones being identified every day. We need your support in order to make SocialGenomics available for as many people as possible.

The impact is huge


1+ Billion ‘lifesaving connections’


Make lifesaving information available for every person on our planet 


Accelerate medical breakthroughs 

 Learning from every patient story… 

Every patient has an unique story. By combining millions of unique stories, together, we can overcome diseases and find more and better treatments.

Why are we called SocialGenomics?

Social because by joining SocialGenomics you help yourself, but also all other patients with the same and all patients in next generations to come. What you know can save a life. Maybe you are carrying the lacking information to save someone else’s life. Or maybe that the other person is carrying the information to save your life. By sharing information, experiences and uniting powers, together we can create new opportunities to impact billions of lives.

‘Genomics’ because this is the kind of information that makes personalized healthcare possible! Using information about genomics together with other medical information, we are able to connect patients with a similar condition and scientists passionately working on finding a cure. This has huge benefits because by connecting with people with exactly the same condition you access lifesaving information that is specifically relevant to you!

Supported by global leaders

Through bridging the gap between patients and passionate scientists we can discover cures much faster!